While Creating Ledgers in Tally,We all face the problem of putting ledger in correct headHence for your reference this ledger list is Tally Ledger Groups List (Ledger under Which Head) . Direct and Indirect Expenses in vaidirampmena.ml CA Maninder Singh is a Chartered Accountant for the past 9 years. Group Name. Ledger name. download Accounts. All types of download Already Created in Tally. Only 2 Accounts Already Created like. Cash Page 9. 2, Tally Ledger List. 3. 4, Group Name, Ledger name. 5, download Accounts, All types of download Accounts 9, download Import. 10, download Central C form.

Tally Erp 9 Group Ledger List Pdf

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Along with that, I'll also share with you the whole list of ledger accounts in Tally. ERP 9 plus the entire list of groups in vaidirampmena.ml 9 too. You can. Accounts Name Groups Accrued Income Current Assets Accrued Rent/ More in this category: «Tally ERP 9 Godown,Stock Group,stock. Tally Erp 9 ledgers creation under proper group of accounts is main part of Tally ERP 9 implementation. In every implementation of Group wise.

Tally ledger list in PDF Format.pdf

Accounting without Codes: Tally. ERP 9 allows accounting with the regular names the way MG spell them or use in normal parlance without any account codes. ERP 9. Remote Access: Tally. ERP 9 provides remote capabilities to access the data from any-where and anytime. Control Centre: works as an interface between the user and Tally. Support Centre: allows a user can directly post his support queries on the functional and technical aspects of the Product. ERP 9, which pro-vides auditing and compliance capabilities exclusively for Chartered Accountants.

Bank account 2. Bank Od account 3. Capital account 5. Cash in hand 6. Current asset 7. Current liability 8. Deposit 9.

Direct expenses Direct income Indirect expense Indirect income Duties and tax Fixed asset Investment Loans and advance Loan liability Miscellaneous expenses ERP-9 Retained earning Reserves and surplus download account Sales account Secured loan Stock in hand Sundry creditors Suspense Unsecured account 3. Bills receivable Direct expenses: These are the expenses which are directly related to manufacturing of goods.

Wages, factory rent, heating, lighting etc Indirect expense: These are the expenses which are indirectly related to manufacturing of goods. Salary, rent, stationery, advertisement, printing Depreciation: Decrease the value of the asset.

Sundry debtors: The person who is the receiver or customer Sundry creditors: The person who gives or supplier. Expenses Outstanding or Unpaid expenses or Expenses due: Expenditure incurred during current year but the amount on which is not yet paid. Added to the expenditure on the debit side and entered on the liability side.

Income received in advance or Income received but not earned Income received during the current year but not earned or a part of which relates to the next year. Deducted from the concerned income on the credit side and entered on the liability side Prepaid advance or Expenses or Prepaid expenses Expenditure paid during current year but not incurred or a part of which relates to the next year is called expenditure prepaid.

Deducted from the concerned expenditure on the debit side and entered on the assets side Income outstanding or income earned but not received or Income accrued Income outstanding means income earned during the current year but the amount on which is not yet received added to the concerned income on the credit side and entered on the asset side 3.

ERP 9 maintains all books of accounts starting from record of vouchers to ledgers etc. ERP 9 inherits the principle of double entry system of book keeping and thus reduces possibilities of errors during voucher entry. ERP 9 provides flexibility to use predefined voucher types, comprising of accounting and inventory voucher types to record various business transactions.

It also allows MG to use Keyboard shortcut Keys as well as mouse operations during voucher entry. For e. MG can further classify payment vouchers, by creating voucher types with the names Bank Payment and Cash Payment. Flexible Voucher Numbering Tally. ERP 9 provides MG capability to generate various books and registers for any specific period viz.

In Tally.

Statements of Accounts Tally. ERP 9 provides complete bill wise information of amounts receivable as well as payable, either on party wise, group wise or Billwise. Group Summaries To view Group Summary, The group summary statement shows the closing balances of the accounts of a selected group for a specified period up to the current date.

The default view is that of sub-groups within a group. Select the required Bank Account and press Enter on the required month or F2 and specify the required period from which MG want to reconcile MGr bank accounts 2. Drill down Display Tally. ERP 9 allows MG to drill down from any report to its various lower levels till the voucher level. MG can view a Balance Sheet report and select a required group from it and drill down to the voucher level. Any changes made by MG in the voucher i.

Date based Reporting In Tally. ERP 9, MG can generate reports by selecting a particular date or a date range. MG can also compare reports of two selected periods, months or financial years. Reports in Tally. ERP 9 are generated based on the transaction date and not on the date of actual entry thereby e su i g a u ate ep ese tatio of i fo atio. ERP 9 provides MG with a facility to print all types of vouchers.

MG can print a voucher on save or MG can print it later. It is also possible to print formal receipts and cheques. ERP-9 At first the account personnel classify all the transaction according to their nature and related field. Then the step to record in Tally.

Creating Expenses and Income Ledgers

ERP-9 comes. These steps are followed in this process- Group: To make the accounting easy Meghna Group classify their transactions according to their characteristics. They also create sub groups under the main groups.

In their accounting process as the primary steps they do the classifications like assets, incomes, liability, and expenditure. Per this groups the accountants of Meghna Group present the transactions and summary of the recorded data. They modify the Tally software and packages according to their need into some groups and ledgers.

There are also some opportunities to make new groups and presentations of the data for new needs. Here every transactions are classified and recorded in their specified date in brief.

The accountants use double entry method for recording complete and resourceful accounts. To record the data in Tally the ledgers are created and they use specific code to different ledgers in their institution. I have found that they use two methods for creating the ledgers.

They are — 1. Single ledger which is created one by one from the single ledger menu. Multiple ledger which is created as there are more than one ledger and it is created from the multiple ledger menu. Cost center provides new dimension to discuss ledger account of management information to know which costs are related to the company and which are not. They determine their cost center by every department of the company and when any revenue expenditure to this department, it is called cost center.

MG uses the cost centers like production, accounts, administration, marketing, selling etc. Sometimes they use projects and sub projects as cost center. They also use a primary cost center which includes many sub cost center. Meghna Group keeps record of their stock according to company act.

They follow these steps from raw material issue, how much raw material used in production in the process, how much product are idle, when to coordinate download order, how much product they can keep in stock etc. They perform the inventory management carefully because it is a very important step of a production based company like MG.

As inventory management, they perform the calculation of their produced items and stocks. At the end of every month MG has to pay salaries to its employee, it depends on their designation, working hours and performed work.

The payroll has many elements like basic salary, bonus, overtime, house rent, conveyance, medical allowance and other benefits.

There are also some deductions that are deducted from employee as provident fund and income tax. They also have to pay a certain amount of value added tax on every product. This tax creates a way that the downloader has to pay the tax to the company and by default the same amount of tax was paid by the company to the government to the tax agency. As we know the Meghna Group is a reknown and large company it tends to pay VAT for its products effectively. The report displays bill-by-bill outstanding for all the parties with the pending amount alongwith the due date.

ERP-9 Group Summaries To view Group Summary, The group summary statement shows the closing balances of the accounts of a selected group for a specified period up to the current date. To view Bank Reconciliation Statement: 1.

Select the required Bank Account and press Enter on the required month or F2 and specify the required period from which MG want to reconcile MGr bank accounts 3. After reconciliation, MG may also toggle to other reports, by pressing the relevant buttons from the Button Bar. ERP 9 are generated based on the transaction date and not on the date of actual entry there e su i g a u ate ep ese tatio of i fo atio.

Set Enable Cheque Printing to Yes 2. Enter the Bank Name as created in the Ledgers 5. Enter the Cheque Dimensions Tall. Once the voucher is saved, Tally. Shreya shukla says: November 30, at 1: Nishu Kumar says: December 13, at 7: Sorry Dhayan Nahi diya.

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Group Me aayega. November 29, at PRIYA says: November 24, at 4: November 16, at 5: October 27, at 5: October 23, at Indirect expenses.

November 11, at 1: October 7, at Respected Sir income tax , and lic premum under under which group. September 20, at July 27, at 1: June 29, at 9: Sanjeev says: June 19, at October 10, at 3: Ashish says: Income tax come under which group?

June 15, at 9: October 23, at 1: Shailesh Kumar says: Usable knowledge???? May 26, at 1: May 16, at 3: April 7, at 5: March 18, at Amrita singh says: March 12, at 3: March 2, at 3: Raju Sir, which incomes comes under Direct Income?

January 30, at 1: Avijit Khanrah says: February 4, at 9: Then, select Groups. And, boom! ERP 9 It is the same list as we saw earlier while discussing ledger list in Tally above in this post. But it is also called a ledger in normal accounting language.

Suppose there are 2 types of direct expenses in your business. They are Cutting Expenses and Stitching Expenses. Now, according to Tally, Direct Expenses is a group but in normal accounting language it is a ledger also.

Tally ERP 9 Shortcut Special Keys Combination

The difference is that Direct Expenses is a collective ledger holding one or more ledgers under itself, and although they are ledgers in tally, they behave like sub-ledgers. But in practical life, Direct Expenses is a collective ledger which has different ledgers for individual direct expenses for better classifying the expenses and for more clarity. Once again, you can download the whole list of Accounting Groups in Tally with examples which is the same as the above list.

I have an incredible time saving and easy problem solving surprise for you!Recommend Documents. With cost categories enabled, parallel allocation of the same expense is possible between different cost centers.

January 13, at 1: Anonymous December 23, at 2: Please join TallySchool, if you have not already done it. Buttons in single group screens F3: Company This button helps you to open a different company.