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Photoshop CS5 all-in-one for Dummies () is written by Barbara Obermeier and may be considered 9 books in one, as it covers the. The book starts with fundamentals and takes you through various Photoshop sections in. Adobe Photoshop CS5 is a popular image editing software that provides a work On a Mac, click Macintosh HD > Applications > Adobe Photoshop CS5.

Photoshop CS5 all-in-one for Dummies is written by Barbara Obermeier and may be considered 9 books in one, as it covers the following topics in digital graphics editing and design:. A rough list of contents from Photoshop CS5 for Dummies. Adobe Photoshop is my favorite software for creating web graphics.

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And that was until I discovered that Photoshop had more desirable features. When I have time to spare, I blog, play video games, watch series usually anime , cook dishes, draw, or spend a little time with pets. When I have the rare luxury of time, I get to travel and record song covers too! Follow on Twitter: Cutie pie hehehe…nice ebooks..

I dont knomake w how to new folders for the class assiignments. Wow, wonderful blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? The overall look of your site is excellent, as well as the content!

I also show you how to enhance layers by applying different blend modes, opacity settings, layer styles, and styles. I round out the minibook by covering Smart Objects.

Book VI: Channels and Masks This book gives you all the how-tos you need to work with channels and masks. I show you how to save and edit selections as alpha channels so that you can reload them later.

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And I show you how to work with the various kinds of masks — quick masks, clipping masks, layer masks, and channel masks — and how you can use each to select difficult elements. I also cover other masking techniques, such as erasing and using the Color Range command.

Finally, I introduce you to the Masks panel, a powerful ally to the masking arsenal. Book VII: Filters and Distortions I filled this book with tons of handy tips and techniques on using filters to correct your images to make them sharper, blurrier, cleaner, and smoother — whatever fits your fancy. I give you the scoop on the Smart Filters feature, which enables you to apply filters nondestructively.

You also find out how to use filters to give your image a certain special effect, such as a deckled edge or water droplets. Finally, I introduce the Liquify command so that you can see the wonder of its distortion tools — and how they can turn your image into digital taffy.

Book VIII: Retouching and Restoration You find everything you need to know about color correction or color enhancement in Book VIII — getting rid of colorcasts, improving contrast and saturation, remapping, and replacing colors. In addition, I include a chapter on using the focus and toning tools to manually lighten, darken, smooth, soften, and sharpen areas of your image. You get to see how you can use the Clone Stamp tool, the Healing tools, and the Red Eye tool to fix flaws and imperfections in your images, making them good as new.

Finally, you get some tidbits on how to work with the fascinating Vanishing Point feature, which can make editing and compositing images a whole lot easier. You find details on how to get the right resolution, image mode, and file format. You also discover how to set up both process and spot color separations for those offset print jobs.

Find out how to optimize your images for maximum quality and quick download times. You also find information on slicing and animating your images and creating a photo gallery that you can easily post on the Web. Windows commands are given first, followed by Mac commands in parentheses, like this: Press Enter or Return on the Mac to begin a new line.

And occasionally, text is specific to one platform or another. Often, the commands given involve using the keyboard along with the mouse.

The Basic Photoshop CS5 Commands

This book has been written using Photoshop CS5 and, more specifically, the Standard version. Seasoned users will appreciate this icon, which kindly points out new features introduced in Photoshop CS5. This icon indicates information that makes your Photoshop experience easier. It also gives you an icebreaker at your next cocktail party. This icon is a reminder of things that I already mentioned and want to gently re-emphasize.

Or I might be pointing out things that I want you to take note of in your future Photoshop excursions. The little bomb icon is a red flag. Heed these warnings, or else Photoshop may show its ugly side.

This icon marks eggheady graphics or Photoshop info that goes beyond the basics. Well, unless you have a burning question on something very specific, this is a great place to dive in. In this book, I introduce you to the Photoshop environment with all its components, from the desktop to the many panels.

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I show you each of the 71 tools and briefly explain what each tool does. From there, I show you how to open existing files or create new ones and then how to save and print those files, as well as how to view and navigate around your image window.

In that same chapter, I give you details on using Adobe Bridge, a powerful browser and file-management tool, as well as the new mini Bridge. Finally, I explain how to customize your workspace and preferences so you can tailor Photoshop to better suit your personal image-editing needs and interests. As with other programs, you can choose the method you find the easiest and most convenient.

Photoshop CS5 For Dummies

In Windows, you can launch programs from the Start menu or an icon on the taskbar. In either Windows or Mac OS X, you can double-click a Photoshop shortcut or alias icon if you have one on your desktop. Finally, you can double-click an image associated with Photoshop, which then launches Photoshop along with the file.

Within the Photoshop application window, you see a variety of other windows and boxes, such as the image window that enables you to view and edit images. However, the arrangement of controls may be a little unfamiliar to you. Photoshop arranges controls into groups, or panels.

Options bar Document window.Shift-drag Shift-drag Deselect from the selection area. By Barbara Obermeier. See the Options This will show the options related to output in the right column.

Enjoy the experience of working in Photoshop CS5 with these easy Photoshop. Tutorials can often be your greatest source of inspiration when trying to design that project you have been putting off.

Finally, I introduce you to the Masks panel, a powerful ally to the masking arsenal.

Please do not forget to give a comment. You find out various ways to manage layers for maximum efficiency, including using the Layer Comps panel.