Appointment Book setup. View options. Finding appointment times. Scheduling appointments. Appointment List. Fill Appointment. Managing appointments. The Appointment Book. Appointment Book setup. Setting up the Appointment Book Assigning default appointment settings · Changing the default color. Dentrix Enterprise overview. What's new in this Using the Appointment Book window. Using the Working with notes in the Appointment Book. Using Perfect .

Dentrix Appointment Book

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One of the great features in Dentrix, by Henry Schein One, is the option to set up Appointment Book Views. Appointment Book Views allow you. You can easily navigate the schedule. Also, there are multiple ways that you can change and filter the view of the schedule to have it. Almost everyone in the practice looks at the Appointment Book daily, but different people in the practice will need to see different information on.

To set up a Relative tab, in the Type list, select Relative.

The Days field appears. Clicking the tab again still leaves you on January 8. However, a Relative Tab set to move you seven days forward relative to the displayed date, would first jump you to January 8.

If clicked again, the tab would move you to January 15, another seven days forward. To set up to four additional Flip Tabs for each view option, repeat steps When you have finished, click OK. Flip Tabs are workstation specific and must be set up on each workstation.

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Show Hide. Type the earliest hour to print in the Start field.

Select am or pm , as appropriate. Type the latest hour to print in the End field.

Depending on the length of your day, Dentrix can print some of your later hours on a second page. However, you can modify the report font size to fit an entire day's schedule on one page. The Save Options dialog box appears. Type a name for the option, and then click OK.

Do one of the following:. Show Hide.

Contents Index. Printing the Appointment Book View report In Dentrix you can set up saved views that you can select as needed to print views of a day, week, month, or any range of days; to specify the number of copies you want to print; to exclude the hours or days a practice is not open from being displayed or printed; to select a view from multiple default views; and to select a default view that loads automatically without clicking Load View.

Quick Labels Print a variety of labels for the selected patient.

Send Message Create and send e-mail messages to patients in your Dentrix database. Questionnaires Helps your office go paperless by electronically gathering and storing the same patient information that is included on new patient forms, health history updates, and other paper forms used in your office.

A red check mark in the icon indicates that the patient has filled out a questionnaire. Health History Click to open the Health History window for the selected patient.

The icon is red when you assign a patient a medical condition or allergy. Prescriptions Helps you quickly create prescriptions and accurately track medicines prescribed to your patients.Once you have made your customizations, click OK to save.

Tips and Suggestions Here are a few ideas to help you manage your tasks in the Appointment Book: Please sign in to leave a comment. When finished, click OK. How to get there On the Schedule menu, click or tap Calendar.