I've waited years for the perfect object-oriented Perl book to use for our Stonehenge corporate and open trainings, and the wait is now over. Damian Conway. Object Oriented Perl. Damian Conway Foreword by Randal L. Schwartz. August ; ISBN ; pages. Object Oriented Perl. Damian Conway. Object Oriented. Programming with Perl. Yet Another Perl Conference. Amsterdam, August 2 − 4, details out of the way. Despite popular belief, object oriented programming is not something new. .. Object Oriented Perl. Damian Conway.

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By Damian Conway. Discusses find out how to construct items for hashes, arrays, scalars, pseudo-hashes, subroutines, usual expressions. This is revision of Perl Training Australia's "Object Oriented Perl" Damian Conway wrote in his book Object Oriented Perl () the following on the. vaidirampmena.ml What is object-oriented Perl? Object-oriented Perl is a small amount of additional syntax and semantics, added to the existing.

Thus, it offers a much-needed resource for persons new to Perl, as well as new and valuable insights and techniques for even the most accomplished Perl programmers.

Beyond explaining the syntax and semantics of Perl's inbuilt object-oriented features, Object Oriented Perl explains how to apply those features in a wide range of programming techniques. Each technique is illustrated with complete examples.

Object Oriented Perl also discusses the latest relevant Perl modules, which are freely available and can greatly simplify object-oriented development in Perl.

In particular, it examines the new standard "fields" module and the associated pseudo-hash construct. No other book covers the topic of object-oriented software development in Perl in such breadth, to such depth, or in such a readable manner. If you are interested in learning where to download this book in a language other than English, please inquire at your local bookseller.

Damian Conway holds a Ph. He is the author of numerous popular Perl modules, including: RecDescent , Text:: Balanced , Getopt:: Declare , Lingua:: Inflect , Tie:: SecureHash , and Class:: Multimethod available from your local CPAN mirror. Damian is one of the most active members of the Perl community and was named the recipient of the first ever YAS Perl DevelopmentGrant awarded by Yet Another Society, which allowed him to devote an entire year to writing and lecturing on Perl and working on related projects.

Damian Conway

He is a highly sought presenter at Perl conferences, is a contributor to the Perl Journal and is the three-time winner of the annual Larry Wall award for Practical Utility. Object Oriented Perl. Damian Conway Foreword by Randal L. Source Code Book Forum show all. Table of Contents detailed table of contents. What you need to know first an object-orientation primer 1. The essentials of object orientation. Other object-oriented concepts. What you need to know second a Perl refresher 2. Essential Perl.

Non-essential but very useful Perl. Getting started 3.

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Three little rules. The creation and destruction of objects. Blessing arrays and scalars 4. Blessing other things 5. Conway familiar to many in the Perl community offers guidelines on the art of coding to help you write better Perl code--in fact, the best Perl code you possibly can.

The guidelines cover code layout, naming conventions, choice of data and control structures, program decomposition, interface design and implementation, modularity, object orientation, error handling, testing, and debugging.

They're designed to work together to produce code that is clear, robust, efficient, maintainable, and concise, but Dr. Conway doesn't pretend that this is the one true universal and unequivocal set of best practices.

Instead, Perl Best Practices offers coherent and widely applicable suggestions based on real-world experience of how code is actually written, rather than on someone's ivory-tower theories on how software ought to be created. Most of all, Perl Best Practices offers guidelines that actually work, and that many developers around the world are already using.

Much like Perl itself, these guidelines are about helping you to get your job done, without getting in the way.

Praise for Perl Best Practices from Perl community members: "As a manager of a large Perl project, I'd ensure that every member of my team has a copy of Perl Best Practices on their desk, and use it as the basis for an in-house style guide.

The simple pretty-printer objectified. Using interface polymorphism instead.

Automating class creation 8. The Class:: Struct module. Ties 9.

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A jacketing tie required. Operator overloading The problem.

A Roman numerals class. Circumventing undesired reference semantics. The use and abuse of operators. Encapsulation The perils of trust. Genericity Using specific mechanisms anyway.

Implicit generics via polymorphism. Multiple dispatch What is multiple dispatch? Multiple dispatch via single dispatch and cases. Multiple dispatch via a table. Multimethods module. Comparing the three approaches. Persistent objects The ingredients. Appendix A: Quick reference guide.


Appendix B: What you might know instead B. Perl and Smalltalk. About the book Beyond explaining the syntax and semantics of Perl's inbuilt object-oriented features, Object Oriented Perl explains how to apply those features in a wide range of programming techniques. About the author Damian Conway holds a Ph.The use and abuse of operators. The essentials of object orientation.

Damian Conway

How Perl handles inheritance. A Roman numerals class. Automating class creation 8. Multiple dispatch via single dispatch and cases.