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Mutawwal Ma Hashiya Al Muawwal · Tafseer e Bezavi · Siraji · Insha Ul Arabia. Dawat-e-Islami k Taht Hajj-e-Badal Ya Nafli Hajj Karwain. Updated Books List Ab Aap Dawateislami Say Related Tanzemi Updates is Website say Hasil. Download the app to get PDF Books. This tremendous achievement of Dawat- e-Islami will facilitate you in earning the knowledge of Islam.

Welcome to Islam A brief explanation of Islam.

Dawateislami Organizational Website. Muslim's Funeral. Kalma and Dua. Featured Media. Short Clips Shaban ul Muazzam Kay Fazail Speeches Featured Books. Qabr waalon ki 25 Hikayaat. Aaqa Ka Mahina.

Featured Blog Posts. Maulana Shamas Ud Din translated the text into the Urdu language.

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Spend something during the weekend, hold a copy of Bang e Dara or Kuliyat e Iqbal in your hand and know the meaning behind the great poem of Allama. Technically it refers to the body of Islamic law extracted from detailed Islamic sources which are studied in the principles of Islamic jurisprudence and the process of gaining knowledge of Islam through jurisprudence.

Collection opensource. I personally benefited from your this effort, in understanding the meanings of every Arabic word as I studied only first seven Paras of Quran with Urdu meaning from teacher in the early age.

Mlamet Faqer ki Shan Hai. With all this, by nature he was hot tempered, and if this was not in the way, then Shah Ahmed Raza would have been the Imam Abu Hanifa of his age. The best Urdu translation of Qur'an is "Kanzul Iman", Alhamdulillah it has been translated in many languages of the world.

Assalamu alaikum bhaiyo. Topics sharah kafia.

Ke waqiat me Tazaad Bayan kiya hai. Keep on Ahsan Sahb.


Darse kafia is a longer keybook of that kafia which guides nasafi aqaid ki sharah urdu sharah sharah ul aqaid nasafi aqaid ki sharah urdu sharah sharah ul aqaid download. Aap ki chati his bhi khasi tez hai jo bar waqt aap ko kisi The filth edition of the book Azaan and Durood Shareef is in your hands. Ashraf ul Insha Urdu Sharah Muallim ul insha 1.

Published in 7 volumes containing pages in all. Jhangvi sahib Shia books Title Slide of Nasafi aqaid ki sharah aqaid e ahle sunnat Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

I am asking you here to stop as well.

Please review the official Wikipedia:Vandalism policy. MezzoMezzo talk , 16 December UTC Whist another has been removing the section completely and threatening us. I've semiprotected the article for a week to give the regular wikipedians a chance to write the section correctly. I would be prepared to undertake a large part of this work but would appreciate some feedback on the following points: - when information is known to be common knowledge within a particular field sub-continental Sunni Muslims in this case , or when the information on a matter will largely be in foreign languages mainly Urdu in this case , how does one cite sources?

If the sentence read coherently then I could understand it being tagged awaiting citation, but is this really justified in this case? Awaiting sources to be cited is one matter, allowing untruthful content to remain accessible to the entire English speaking world indefinitely is altogether irresponsible? Dawat e Islami is not in need of publicity material, our literature is translated into 20 different languages and distributing in 66 countries worldwide through a non-profit making, volunatary workforce, what we are interested in doing here is to produce a well-referenced, factual article - and to protect this resource from vandalism - from all sides.

Thanking you in advance of your support. It is well Known fact that Tablighi jamat has associations with Terrorism world Over so to make this Peaceful and Moderate Organization of Barelwis associated with it mention of tablighi jamat has been added. Seeing as how Tablighi Jamat is a little more well known, the comparison is not only apt but inevitable. MezzoMezzo talk , 27 January UTC mezo mezo pls stop ur shuild mouth —Preceding unsigned comment added by You will not be warned again.

Islamic eBooks Library

Please behave in a polite manner if you want your edits taken seriously. That both are Sunni Muslim missionary movements originating from South Asia? This is common knowledge, the leads to both articles establish that already.

MezzoMezzo talk , 31 January UTC I have removed the Islamism box and tags as Dawat e Islami is far from a Islamist organisation and this is further proof of the vandalism of this page.


MuhammadYusufAttari talk , 11 February UTC I'm not sure why that was added, but please don't accuse others of vandalism without actually reading the policies first. Vandalism is the intentional disruption of Wikipedia, not simply having a different POV from you.

If someone can produce a source to make this section verifiable and fit with Wikipedia's core content policies, feel free to put it back. Editors should provide a reliable source for quotations and for any material that is challenged or is likely to be challenged, or it may be removed. Simply putting up this organizations official site is not helpful to the reader and may count as a commercial link. Second, Dawat e Islami has a number of activities it undertakes, you haven't explained why this one in particular would be more notable than any others.


Secondly, it is not on anybody else to verify your own unsourced information; please refer to Wikipedia:Citing sources. It's your opinion that what you put was a great achievement, but this site is not made of opinions.

MezzoMezzo talk , 20 February UTC Unsourced This article contains no useful information or not upto the standard of wikipedia , it should be either delete or merged with Ilyas Attar Qadri.

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At some place he insert content telling it is truth and without consensus tried to insert that but here he has removed what was only attempt to improve the Articles.

I have removed tags as they lost their relevancy. I added these headings with some old Ones. Shabiha t , 28 February UTC You have not provided any sources for your additions and you even claimed in your edit summary that not all additions require sources, which runs right up against the Wikipedia:Citing sources guideline.

The official Wikipedia:Verifiability policy is quite relevant here as well. Regarding the merger and citation tags, you saying they're a joke is just your own personal opinion and not an objective reason to remove them. Please explain any major edits which you are now aware are contested on the talk page before hand.

The headings I stated above are sourced and images have been given Proper Place. Simple Reading of this Organization will tell aboutinaccuracy of Merging article into its Founder's Page.

Moreover that tag was placed to wipe out complete Article which has strong Presence in Muslim world. Now No Pov and disputed material is there.

Oh no, there's been an error

Clean up is already done.Protection was a good call. In UK: Featured Books. The group has become known for wearing green turbans. Aj hum apko suhagraat ka islami tareeqa shadi ki pehli raat kaise guzarein , sunnat ke mutabik iske baare mein batayenge.