Jan 25, Easy Nights Kristen Proby PDF | Easy Nights Kristen Proby EPUB Read 2 WHOLE CHAPTERS of The Beauty of Us by Kristen Proby, book 4 in. Mar 29, Easy Magic Kristen Proby PDF | Easy Magic Kristen Proby EPUB Free site Books, Love Reading, Reading Books, Romance Novels, Book 1, . New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby is the author of Waiting for Willa. The Big Sky (Series). Book 3. Kristen Proby Author ().

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lqucxnlbkpkazucb - Download and read Kristen Proby's book Savor You: A Fusion Novel in PDF, EPub, Mobi, site online. Free Savor You: A Fusion Novel . Come Away With Me - Kristen Proby - dokument [*.pdf] Come Away With Me Book Come Away With Me Book One in the With Me In Seattle Series By Kristen Proby .. He runs his free hand through his messy hair and I mentally hug myself. Read D0wnl0ad Online Free Now Easy Fortune A. Boudreaux Series Novella By Kristen Proby PDF. EBOOK EPUB site by Swen Rated from 48 votes. Book ID: FF20B6CE1E6FA85C

Rachel is human and fears his kind. Determined to start fresh in the wilds of Colorado, she answers an advertisement in the paper for a wife. Tristan believes his obsession with Avery is nothing more than lust.

Determined to bed her despite her strange powers, will he convince her to accept her new life or give her the freedom she craves? But though she prides herself on being independent, deep down she still yearns for a knight in shining armor. But after so many of his Pack brothers have found their mates, he starts wondering if there might be a mate in his future too. But when her plans backfire, her hope for freedom begins to fade. When her world hits rock bottom, she stumbles across wolf shifter, Devin Caedmon, who offers her safety and protection.

She learns to trust the wolf, but has yet to trust the man. Hell no. Until he moves to New Wurzburg and meets Friederike Burkhart. And someone wants her dead for it. For the first time, Rain has something worth fighting for, worth living for. Worth dying for. His plan is easier said than done, especially when not just any woman will do.

When their captors separate the three women, they vow to reunite, no matter the cost. But now someone knows the truth and is determined to exterminate her family line. Living on borrowed time in the midst of this dangerous game of hide and seek, the last thing Elodie needs to do is fall in love.

But Sawyer is determined to protect her, and the brooding, angry boy is more than what he seems. Can they outsmart a madman? And if they survive, will they find a way to beat the curse for good?

Using her knowledge and research, she helped save the Redwood Pack from devastation. Not since she lost her mate so long ago. Now there is a new, younger wolf, entering her life and it will take more than her nose in a book to figure out the warmth in her heart is much more than a promise of a new feeling. Banished from my birth pack after a bloodbath, I never wanted a mate.

Then I meet Kylie. My temptation. The next day, she was dead. He might possess her over and over in erotic dreams that leave her aching for the rough heat of his touch, but she knows that in reality, he is far too dangerous for her to handle. Now he walks alone.

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But Sienna stirs his primal heart, even as he tells himself she is far too young to handle the wild fury of the wolf. But ooooh, he smells so good. Now grown up, the alpha of the pack tries to make her his mate against her will—Bella knows she has no choice but to run away.

Her family needed the money, but fighting the attraction she feels for her brooding employer is tough. Now, the leopard council demands she mates an alpha, whether she loves him or not. It should be simple. Get a match and move on. These two Viking brothers are hardcore. They both want her to be their mate, and they are absolutely not taking no for an answer.

I brace my hands on his lean, jeanclad hips and we just stand here, looking at each other. This is a new side to Nate. I like it. How many more sides to him will I meet this weekend? The floors are all a honey-colored hardwood. The front door opens up into a great room with tall ceilings and large windows with a great view of Seattle and the Sound.

The furniture is plush and inviting, in brown and red tones. Cooking is a passion of mine. This kitchen gives me a girl hard-on. Six-burner natural gas stove, with a grill, double oven and warming drawer, two sinks, lots of light colored granite counter space, and a huge refrigerator. Perhaps we can cook together?

His shoulders are so broad, and his tshirt hugs the muscles across his back. His jeans fall off his hips in that sexy way that toned men have that make women sit up and drool. Are we seriously going to jump right into bed? No, hey, would you like a drink? Or would you like to watch a movie?

Just, welcome to my home, get in my bed? Nate leads me down the hall and points out a guest bathroom and an office. Then he walks right past his bedroom and stops at the door at the end of the hall. He opens the door and walks in, and I follow, completely confused. The headboard is black swirly wrought iron and the bedding is blue and green, matching the nautical themed artwork on the walls. I love your gorgeous blonde hair and your blue eyes. And I so enjoy your smart mouth. But then my snarky side rears her ugly head for a moment.

He leads me out of the bedroom and back into the great room. No sex? With Nate? Why stay here then? I kick my flats off and pull my feet up under me and settle in.

We could just meet up during the day. And I want you, here, for a full forty-eight hours. How many other women have you fucked since I was here last? Why did that just come out of my mouth? Because I want to know. He pulls his sleeves up to his mid-forearms and runs his hands through his hair in frustration, and my eyes zero in on his right arm.

It looks tribal, and it swirls around his forearm, from just above his wrist, disappearing under his shirt. Nate laughs and takes another pull on his beer. How long have you had this? Want to know a secret?

He props his gorgeous feet on the ottoman in front of him, crossing them at the ankle. Were you in an accident? What the hell is he talking about? Not only did they all teach me how to protect myself, they made me sit and watch that crap or play it on the xBox all the damn time. Who knew sitting and talking with Nate could be so easy? Come to the gym with me. I have always received a lot of attention because of my face, and my body.

Nate narrows his eyes at me, his mouth forming a hard line. Unless he was referring to his dick. I gasp and feel my eyes go wide. He completely throws me off kilter. Nate smiles again. I love his laugh.

And the kitchen is sexy as hell. I shrug and raise an eyebrow. Watching him walk is making me crazy. He pays attention to what I order at dinner? He joins me and we dig in. He nods appreciatively and licks his lips. Oh my, those lips. Oh no! This is just the last thing I expected. Nate joins me, taking care of his dishes, and then leans back against the counter, watching me.

I love seeing his hair hanging loose, and I definitely want to see more of that tattoo. I wonder if he has more of them? I lick my lips at the thought of exploring that hot body in the light. You finally asked me to go out with you and your friends, and I thought we had a good time, but then you went back to being professional and cool again.

I worked hard to get it. And I enjoy working for you. He just called me Jules!! I shake my head and look down at my swinging feet. I want him, and by some miracle he wants me too. Can we pursue this, whatever it is, and keep it away from work? He wraps his arms around my behind and hugs me to his chest. For the first time in eight months my world feels right.

I want to see where this goes. I want him. I lean down and brush my lips across his gently and nibble the corner of his mouth. I lean farther and bury my nose in his neck and inhale the musky, clean scent of him, and against my better career-woman judgment, I cave. Chapter Four Nate pulls me against him, cups my ass in his hands and lifts me in his arms. I wrap my legs around his waist, my arms around his neck and hold on tight.

His lips are on mine, searching, hot, and I weave my fingers in that glorious hair as he carries me through his apartment and to his bedroom. Grey walls, white linens, large white furniture. He crawls onto the bed with me still in his arms. I love how strong he is. I rest my hands on his arms, reveling at how the muscles move and flex as he lays me on the cool linens.

Fuck he can kiss! I run my hands down his back and pull his t-shirt up to his chest. I want him naked. He sits back on his heels and pulls the shirt over his head and I gasp as I sit up, bracing myself on my elbows. The sleeve tattoo on his right arm not only goes up to his shoulder, but over across his right chest-area too.

With trembling fingers I trace the swirly tribal design, over his chest, around his nipple, and up over the top of his shoulder down his arm. His gaze is searching mine, a slight smile on his lips, patiently letting me explore with my fingers. I glace down to his left side and I abandon his right side and trace another tribal design that curls down his rib cage, disappearing into his pants. This is much more fun with the lights on. I feel my jaw drop as I skim my eyes up and down his perfect body.

Holy Hell. That tattoo on his left side falls down over his hip and onto his upper thigh. And then my eyes zero in on his impressive erection — holy Moses, what that thing does to me — and I gasp at the silver metal in the tip. Suddenly feeling over dressed, I sit up and pull my shirt over my head, throwing it on the floor.

Nate just stands there, at the edge of the bed, his hot gaze locked on mine, and I lay back and shimmy out of my jeans and kick them on the floor with the rest of our clothes. With this man. Are you going to join me, or what? I hitch my left leg up around his hip and he grabs my ass and grinds his cock against my panty-covered center, sending sparks all the way up my spine.

My hips are moving in a delicious rhythm against him, our breathing is loud and ragged. Come for me, beautiful. This could be a mood killer. I want to feel him. Just him.

Did you think there was? He reaches down and rips — literally rips — my panties in two and throws them on the floor. I raise my hips and, holding him in my hand, slowly guide him inside me. I need to kiss whomever invented the apadravya. A lot. It feels incredible, having those two small balls massage the wall of my vagina. I slowly start to move, up and down and the sensation is just… so good. I throw my head back and revel in the bliss of Nate being inside me, and I start to feel my body tense, my legs start to shake, and Nate suddenly sits up and wraps his arms around my waist and his mouth around my nipple, and I come undone, shattering around him.

He grips my hips tightly and pulls me against him, hard, and cries out my name as he empties himself into me. I lay my forehead against his and smile. Are you okay? He switches off one of the lights, turns down the covers and tucks us both in, pulling me against him.

I lay with my head on his chest and use my finger to trace the outline of his tattoo. Natalie had to get me stinking drunk in college just to get my ears pierced. Do you want me to turn the light out so you can sleep? Nate is sleeping peacefully on his side, facing me. His face is relaxed, his dark eyelashes laying against his cheeks.

I slip from the bed, out of the room and down to the spare bedroom where my suitcase and purse still are. I pull on some pajamas, grab my iPad and iPhone out of my purse and go into the kitchen. I help myself to a slice of the decadent chocolate cheesecake and check my iPhone. No messages. I fire up the iPad and perch on a stool, nibbling on the second most delicious thing in the world, ranking just below the very sexy Nate. Suddenly my phone chirps with a text. At two a. So uncomfortable! Are you awake?

I smile and call her. This baby has something against letting me breathe these days. And she thinks my bladder is a trampoline. Only a few weeks left, can you believe it? Are you excited for the shower next weekend? I am never going to win this argument with her.

She makes me crazy. We want to spoil her. So shut up and be grateful. But I have a confession. I explain about his email this afternoon and dinner in his office and how I ended up here. Just be very careful. This could have disaster written all over it.

I told her the truth, I am tired of pretending. Can I do that? Do I have a choice? Fuck, Julianne! I hear him lunge off the bed and his feet are hitting the ground hard as he runs into the great room. He plants his hands on his naked hips and takes a deep breath. Holy shit.


I raided the cheesecake and spoke to Natalie for a minute. The baby is trying to kill her. She texted me and asked if I was awake so I called her. This, being here with him, feels so good. Poor guy.

I never would have pegged you for mean. His messy hair is framing that to-die-for face and a light dark stubble covers his chin.

Let me make love to you. He lays me on the cool sheets and covers my body with his and makes slow, sweet love to me, getting lost in me, and taking me with him.

And bacon. Is Natalie cooking? Did hell freeze over?

I roll onto my side and stretch and open my eyes and frown. This is not my room. Then I remember. I sit up and wince. I smile to myself and climb out of bed, pulling on my discarded pajamas from the night before, and wander out into the great room. Nate is at the stove with his back to me, and I pause a moment to take in the gorgeous. His tattoos are such a distraction, and they give him a bad boy look that I so was not expecting.

Who knew that under those conservative suits was a rough, tattooed, pierced fighter? God, he smells good. Body wash and sex and Nate. What else does he know? Mmm… perfect. I could get used to this. Egg-white omelet okay with you? We settle in at the breakfast bar and dig in. He grins down at me and digs into his own plate. We eat in companionable silence, then I hop up and clear our dirty dishes, and load them into the dishwasher. Do I know her?


Oh, and her work ethic is infuriatingly solid. What the hell do I say to that? I blink at him and open my mouth, then close it again.

I cross my arms over my chest and look down. Nate is in long work out pants, a black sleeveless muscle shirt, and a black leather jacket. He has a folded black bandana wrapped around his head, keeping his hair out of his face.

I spot his shiny black Mercedes and my little red Lexus. He stops next to a sleek, black motorcycle. He holds his hand out to me to help me on. The seat is surprisingly comfortable. He passes me a black helmet and helps me secure it before fastening his own. Lean in to the turns. Just sit back and enjoy the view, Julianne. And so unexpected! I squeal and wrap my arms around him tightly, smiling wide. What an adrenaline rush!

I feel the rumble of his laugh against my cheek as I hug up against him and watch the people on the sidewalk fly by. The wind is cool, but it feels so good against my cheeks. He parks and I climb off, smiling at him. Come on, if memory serves, you think you can kick my ass.

There are treadmills and elipticals in the loft. Around the perimeter of the main room are punching bags suspended from the ceiling, mats for sit ups and push-ups, free weights, medicine balls and metal bars also suspended from the ceiling for pull ups. On one side, there are large tractor-size tires, and men are flipping them over, then jumping through the hole and flipping them again. In the center of this place is a ring. Two men are inside with protective head gear and white tape around their fists, sparring.

He grins mischievously down at me and winks. Hey, son! His face is handsome, his nose has obviously been broken a few times. Did he just say dad?

I plaster a smile on my face and hold my hand out. Everyone does, except your stubborn son. What are you two going to do? I wanted to be here with you today. My dad owns the place, he was my trainer and my manager when I fought, so of course this is where I work out. I eye him for a moment, enjoying the view. Should I mention to him that my brother Will used to make me train with him for football season?

Nate sets his watch timer for two minutes and I jump easily, using the form my brother taught me. Nate watches me, also jumping with ease. I keep a bored, bland look on my face. I shrug and drop the rope on the mat. I have to call Will later and thank him profusely for being such a hard ass on me.

Thanks to him, exercise comes easily to me, and my body is in excellent shape. I love to sweat. Nate guides me over to the metal bars. I look up at the bar. I rub my hands down my pants, then hop up, gripping the bar. I find the space between my hands that I like and begin to pull myself up, using a style Will taught me that he uses in Crossfit. As I come down, I push in an arc away from the bar, then swing back up, pulling the bar under my chin.

God, this feels fantastic! I manage twenty pull-ups, then drop to the mat, shaking my arms and panting. I glance around to find all the men in the gym are watching me, their mouths dropped. His arms — holy Moses, those arms — flex and bunch with each repetition. He effortlessly executes forty pull-ups and then drops to the matt.

After twenty I drop back down to the matt. Without speaking, Nate hops up and completes forty pull-ups. He used to make me train with him. Are you going to stand there with your mouth hanging open all day, or are you gonna man-up and take an ass beating? Make me proud. The training is about to pay off. Nate and I circle each other, his eyes full of humor.

Come Away With Me - Kristen Proby

As he reaches for me, I grab his arm, pivot, and stomp on his foot, jab my elbow into his stomach and roll us both onto the ground, me landing on top, then quickly roll off of him and back onto my feet. The guys who have gathered around the ring cheer, and Nate rises gracefully off the ground, grinning. The next few minutes are the same, me using all the tricks my brothers and teachers taught me to defend myself against him.

Finally after a few minutes, Nate lifts me and pushes me up against the corner of the ring. Nate rolls off me and helps me up, then pulls me into his arms and kisses me fiercely. I climb out of the ring and Rich meets me once again to help me out of the head gear and to cut the tape off my hands. I had to learn to defend myself against them. I like him already. The crowd thins again, all the guys go back to their own workouts and Nate joins us.

My body is still sensitive from our rigorous workout, and the humming of the bike between my thighs is doing delicious things to my core. I wrap myself around Nate, my nipples pucker against his back, and I squeeze his thighs with mine. He inhales sharply and curses and I smile.

I climb off and we take our helmets off, then before he can lower the kick-stand, I climb back on, straddling his lap. He reaches between us and rips my yoga pants at the seam of my crotch. Holy fucking shit! He pulls one hand around and presses on my clit with his thumb, and I explode around him, pushing down on him, and he finds his own release, shouting my name.

I hear it echoing in the parking garage, and I smile smugly, looking up into his hot gray eyes.I plant my heels on his back and come apart, pushing my pelvis up, and begging him to never stop. He takes the water from me and sticks the thermometer into my mouth, sitting at my hip on the side of the bed.

Book What the fuck? Who knew that under those conservative suits was a rough, tattooed, pierced fighter?