A guide to library resources in Italian language, literature, history, A full-text, searchable digital archive of one of Italy's major newspapers (based in Turin) covering February through December PDF page views. online newspapers, journals, magazines, and other electronic editions from all This is the same content from the hardcopy editions, but with the text in PDF. One of the advantages of having Internet is to have the possibility of browsing newspapers from all over the world. Therefore, it's an excellent resource to learn .

Italian Newspapers Pdf

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Italian newpapers online. Read the last news from Italy online. You can subscribe online and receive the newspaper in pdf format or order individual articles. Links to Italian newspapers, magazines, and other media online. Among the most popular and respected daily Italian newspapers. Published. List of Italian newspapers and news sites featuring sports, politics, jobs, education, lifestyles, travel, and business.

FREE In our taxonomy, a free Web site denotes that all the news [ 13 ], columns and archived articles if available can be consulted for free on the site.

FEE LIGHT This category contains the newspaper sites where all the news, the columns and the archived articles if available can be consulted free of charge, and where solely the PDF version is offered against payment.

Figure 1 shows that, overall, 16 out of the 82 Web sites Within this second category, 19 newspapers On the other hand, free Web sites are strongly present in Luxembourg 33 percent and Italy 30 percent.

It is also remarkable that 75 percent of the Spanish newspapers and 60 percent of the British newspapers try to monetise their online content in novel ways. That is, in a different way than merely via PDF versions; for example, by charging for columns.

Italian Newspapers Online

A study by Herbert and Thurman of the U. They conducted qualitative research interviews and a survey between July and August , in order to analyse online business models at the 10 national newspapers as well as at two popular regional newspapers in the U.

Herbert and Thurman find that the selected newspapers all charge for something on their Web sites [ 14 ], and are expanding their range of commercial services. In most cases, this is also true for archived content.

Returning to our own results, in other countries it is not uncommon for a Web site to be freely accessible except for the PDF version, which is charged for.

Summing up, the bulk of our newspapers Newspapers can opt for a strong form of bundling by offering a package that contains the print and online version at a discount.

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At the other end of the continuum, newspapers can also decide to completely unbundle their content by offering individual articles on a per unit basis i. The first dimension involves combining multiple goods to offer them in one package to the customer.

The second dimension is about offering goods or services to the customer for a certain period. In what follows, we try to present these options in order of decreasing intensity of bundling.

How to Incorporate Italian News into Your Learning

More specifically, this classification goes from bundles of subscriptions to entirely unbundled access alternatives. In doing so, we discern three possibilities, as defined in Box 2. Indeed, as is explained in Box 2, under both pure and mixed bundling, newspapers actually offer a bundle of bundles. In other words, there is no separate subscription to the online version available [ 15 ]. This means that the print subscribers also pay the full price for the online version; in other words, they are not entitled to special discounts.

Figure 3 shows that in Italy 40 percent , the Netherlands Only one Belgian newspaper 1. Similarly, in Spain, In the Netherlands 50 percent , France Hence it is worthwhile making this distinction too.

Figure 4: Percentage of the bundling options whereby print subscribers get free access to online facilities. In Germany Newspapers frequently offer various methods of consuming online articles in smaller packages, even piecemeal. Box 3: A description of the unbundled access options. One can thus consult all the online articles for one day [ 17 ].

This is a convenient way to search the archive for relevant articles. Note that this is not the same as the download of one PDF version of the newspaper.

Italian Newspapers

In the latter case, one merely downloads the digital version of the newspaper for the day in question, which can afterwards be browsed offline on the screen or which can be printed out. This option gives access to the site for X number of days. When following the logic of decreasing degree of bundling, the X-days pass actually precedes the regular day pass. However, the reader does decide on the composition himself.

As Figure 5 illustrates, 11 percent of all newspapers offer a day pass.

On the other hand, the day pass has a strong presence in Belgium The possibility of accessing the site for X days via a pass is offered by In the Netherlands and Italy, For now, nobody seems to have reported problems of copyright. La Repubblica www. Online edition of the newspaper including periodical sinserts.

The site is very rich and difficult to summarize in a few lines.

Online subscribers can read the print edition of the newspaper including all 9 local editions Bari, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Palermo, Rome, Turin and consults the archives from onwards. Corriere della Sera www. News on-line, daily and weekly inserts, and historical archive of the last seven days. The search engine allows you to search for all reports in the newspaper. You can subscribe online and receive the newspaper in pdf format or order individual articles published after Il messaggero www.


They reported on a variety of current events to a broad public audience. Within a few decades, newspapers could be found in all the major cities of Europe, from Venice to London. Amsterdam , a center of world trade, quickly became home to newspapers in many languages, often before they were published in their own country.

Post- och Inrikes Tidningar founded as Ordinari Post Tijdender was first published in Sweden in , and is the oldest newspaper still in existence, though it now publishes solely online. It was forced to merge with the newspaper Haarlems Dagblad in when Germany occupied the Netherlands.

The first successful English daily, The Daily Courant , was published from to This is considered the first newspaper in the American colonies even though only one edition was published before the paper was suppressed by the government.

In , the governor allowed The Boston News-Letter to be published and it became the first continuously published newspaper in the colonies. Soon after, weekly papers began publishing in New York and Philadelphia. These early newspapers followed the British format and were usually four pages long.

History of newspaper publishing

They mostly carried news from Britain and content depended on the editor's interests. In , the Pennsylvania Evening Post became the first American daily. In , the Gazeta do Rio de Janeiro [20] had its first edition, printed in devices brought from England , publishing news favourable for the government of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and the Algarves since it was produced by the official press service of the Portuguese crown.

The first newspaper in Peru was El Peruano, established in October and still published today, but with several name changes. Main articles: Print media in India , Japanese newspapers , and History of Chinese newspapers During the Tang Dynasty in China — , the Kaiyuan Za Bao published the government news; it was block-printed onto paper.

It is sometimes considered one of the earliest newspapers to be published. However, before he could begin his newspaper, he was deported back to Europe.

He used it as a means to criticize the British rule through journalism.Share on Facebook Twitter. Their publishers were prosecuted but this failed to get rid of them. The Financial Times believes that this new model will allow it to have their cake and eat it. Deleersnyder, et al. Most are scanned from microfilm into pdf , gif or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing optical character recognition OCR technology.

For example, they do not provide separate feeds for conservative or liberal newspapers.