Konjiki no WordMaster - Volume 4 - chp pdf - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. 【 TITLE 】 Konjiki no Word Master Konjiki no Moji Tsukai Golden Word Master. 【 AUTHOR 】 TOMOTO Sui. 【 ARTIST 】 Sumaki Syungo. 【 STORY. [WN][Eng] Konjiki no Word Master. translation on arc 5 has already been completed. if you could kindly make a pdf of it. many thanks. Logged.

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Konjiki no Moji Tsukai, EPUB and PDF Download. Golden Word Master (WN) • Konjiki no Word Master (WN) • 金色の文字使い (小説) • 金色の文字使い ~勇者四 人. Description Five people summoned to another world to battle the demon lord who threatens that world. However, there were only four heroes that were. Konjiki no Moji Tsukai (Golden Word Master) Konjiki no Word Master 金色の文字 使い (小説) Volume 1: PDF Volume 2: PDF. Volume 3: PDF.

Hurry and go win this. Aquinas Yeah! Eveam Then, as Aquinas glanced towards Hiiro, who was scowling in an annoyed manner, once more, Ornoth approached him. Ill leave the Princess.. Her Majesty to you. Aquinas Ill protect her even if it costs me my life.

Ornoth The two of them gazed at each other intensely and gave a small nod. Hiiro, do it. Hold on to each others bodies so that everybody is connected in some way. Hiiro At Hiiros words, everyone except Aquinas began to touch the ones next to them. The scene of everyone being connected was created. Not only the strongest individuals, but also the soldiers behind them were similarly touching each others bodies. There were likely around people in the entire group who were connected together.

They were connected in such a way that if electricity were to be run through Hiiro, it would flow through the entire group. Lets go. Hiiro Yeah! Everyone, wait for us! Eveam Oooooooooooohhh! Evila Then, as Hiiro activated the word, the figures of people disappeared all at once. Its up to you now, Hiiro. Aquinas Aquinas muttered as he returned to the castle. The place they arrived at upon teleporting was the location for the duel, Valaaru Wilds.

In front of everyones eyes lay a giant cavity. It was a crater with a radius of approximately metres. The duel would be held within it. When they looked towards the centre of the crater, they saw that the Gabranths army had already taken up their positions. Eveam Eveams face tightened as she took the lead and descended into the crater.

How admirable of you to come, ladies and gentlemen of the Evila! Near him were the strongest warriorsPassionboasted of. However, after moving his eyes around restlessly, Leowald posed a question towards Eveam. Red RobeWhat happened to Hiiro Okamura? Leowald Uu.. Eveam Eveam displayed a face that expressed it was something difficult to say.

He said that doing something like giving greetings was troublesome and that hed wait here, so hes over there. Eveam She then pointed her finger towards the place they had teleported to. Hiiros figure could be seen standing there. Sorry for his lack of courtesy. Eveam Eveam apologized for Hiiros behaviour, as he had, for the time being, become her subordinate.

However, Leowald simply said- Gahahahaha! Hes an interesting fellow after all, that Hiiro! For him to be selfish even in a situation like this! Leowald As he said that, numerous shadows could be seen running towards Hiiro.

Dont tell me its a surprise attack!? You bastards! Marione Marione shot a bloodthirsty gaze towards Leowald, but surprisingly, the one who stopped him was Eveam.

Bu-but they were planning a surprise attack! Marione No, thats not a surprise attack. Eveam Hah? Marione Hiiro told me that this might happen beforehand. Eveam Wh-what do you mean? Marione Unable to understand the meaning of her words, Marione gave a blank look.

Its alright. According to what Hiiro said, those people are. Eveam Fly off and explodeeeeeeeeeee! Someone, who came diving towards Hiiro, thrust out his fist, using the momentum from his run to power it. Hiiro glanced towards the incoming fist and closed his eyes. It was as if he were resolving himself to receive the fist and decided not to move.

And then.. Having lost its target, the fist which cut through the empty air caused the person to lose their balance due to the power used to thrust it forward. As such, the persons body crashed into the ground magnificently and began to roll. And then, the one who silently watched the shameful appearance of the person on the ground said- So he died, huh.

The person on the ground stood up with great vigor and sharply turned towards Hiiro while pointing his finger. You shitty Hiiro! Dont go avoiding it, really! My bad. I really was planning on letting you hit me at least once, but the moment I saw your face, I figured that avoiding it would somehow be more interesting. Forgive me. Rather, even though its been a while, you really are going at your own pace like always, oi! Of course. Because I am me.

Hiiro Hmph, you really are an impudent guy.. As the person grinned while saying that, Hiiro also narrowed his eyes with nostalgia. Youre also as hot-blooded as usual, eh. Hiiro The one reflected in Hiiros eyes was Arnold Ocean, who was as hot-blooded as he had been half a year ago. U-um Muir Hearing a voice call out to him from behind, Hiiro turned around.

Muir -a stuttering young girl. Talk properly, Chibi.

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Hiiro Uu. She seemed to have slightly grown over the past half year, as Hiiro asked- Did you grow a little? Hiiro Ah. Muir She seemed to be happy that he noticed, as she smiled radiantly. Arnold It seemed that Arnolds doting parent-tendencies were also running strong.

It has arrived once more! A sympathizer has arrived! That precisely, is the royal road of the Loli character! Now, Ojou-sama, please learn from her actions and act bashful! Silva You should just throw out that pink-smeared brain of yours!

Liliyn Dogooooon! Before anyone realized it, Liliyn, who had been behind Silva, performed a German suplex on him. The scene of a pervert having his cranium smashed into the ground was then completed. A large amount of blood is coming out from Silva-samas headddd! Shamoe Shamoe turned pale as she screamed in surprise. O-Oi, Hiirothese guys are.. Arnold Just as Arnold was about to say that, he felt a threatening gaze from Liliyn, so he Arnold -changed his wording to something more courteous.

Thats right, I dont really want to believe it, but theyre something like companions of mine. Hiiro Oi Hiiro, stop with the jokes! Im your master! Dont misunderstand! Um, the other side seems to be saying that, but? Arnold Arnold asked as he felt a chill similar to when Rarashik was glaring at him. No, her heads just a bit weak. Shes a little girl with a habit of telling falsehoods and day-dreaming. Thats why you dont need to worry about it. Hiiro Hohou, it seems like you want me to turn the insides of your head into slop, huh, Hiiro?

Liliyn In response to Hiiros cool words, a blue vein popped out on Liliyns forehead. Muir As Arnold was bewildered due to not knowing what to do next, a hand suddenly tapped his shoulder from behind.

When he turned around in surprise, Silvas figure, with blood dripping from his nose, appeared in front of him. The two of them are always like that, so please do not mind them. More importantly, are you Arnold-sama, one of Hiiros first travel companions whom he spoke of? And the charming young lady over there is Muir Castreia-sama, correct? Silva Silva said that as he took a handkerchief from his breast pocket and wiped his nosebleed.

Arnold N-Nice to meet you! Muir Following Arnolds reply, Muir bowed her head respectfully. Ohh, that is quite courteous of you. Silva Silva similarly bowed his head. First that person is my Lord, Liliyn.

Silva Eh that child is Arnold Even while in the middle of a quarrel, Liliyn suddenly gave a death glare, so he immediately revised his words. S-so that exquisitely beautiful princess is! Arnold Yes, by the way, our princess has a complex about her age and height, mostly her appearance, so it would be best if you took caution with your choice of wording. Silva G-got it Arnold Muir also told herself to be careful, as she nodded repeatedly alongside Arnold.

And that girl is one who, like me, is in service to Liliyn, Shamoe. Silva I-Im Sh-Shamoe, shir! Shamoe With a blush on her face, she tried to spit out words, but still, she bit her tongue. For Muir to feel a certain affinity with her was something to could perhaps be called inevitable. And this is Nikki-dono. Even though she looks like this, shes Hiiro-samas number one disciple. Silva Nice to meet you! Nikki With a bright smile Nikki turned to them.

Muir As if they had happened upon a curious case, the two stared in wonderment. And Silva Long time no see, you two!

Mikazuki Mikazuki raised her hand as she spoke, but the two seemed clueless. Eh who? Whats this child? Mikazuki Her face was bloated up to the limit as she pouted. Your presence is just too thin to linger, Mikazuki!. Nikki Shut up, Nikki! Mikazuki Against Nikkis cynicism, Mikazuki yelled out with a bright red face.

But even having learned the young girls name, nothing seemed to come to Arnolds group. And so, Silva offered an explanation. In truth, she is an existence that took on human form by Hiiro-samas hand. Silva T-took on human form, you say!? Arnold That is correct. She was once a monster called a Raidpic, and it seems shes met with Arnold-samas party before. Silva And there, Arnold remembered. They had once borrowed a Raidpic to get a ride close toBeast Kingdom Passion.

S-so youre the Raidpic from that time? Arnold Thats right! Youre all mean; forgetting me! Gramps and even Muir! Mikazuki S-sorry! Muir Muir honestly apologized, while Arnold fell into shock hung his shoulders having been called gramps. Finally, my name is Silva Plutis. It is a pleasure to be acquainted with you. Silva He politely bowed his head.

Even so personification, and teleportation, it seems as time passes, its getting to be that anything goes for that guy Arnold Arnolds face stiffened as he looked at Hiiro. By the way, Arnold-dono, for some reason, I feel the presence of something similar to me within you. Silva Yeah, youre right!

It kinda feels like I can just understand you, or Arnold Exactly! Having seen this, Taishi was flabbergasted. What in the world is with that persons presence. Taishi He had obviously been overwhelmed by Judoms existence. However, the same could be said of the other commanders present. Those who knew the legends caught their breath in silence.

Needless to say, Vale was also fidgeting anxiously. After those events, the meeting advanced relatively smoothly.

Before, the meeting was adjourned, they discussed the timetable for the appointed day, the deployment of the soldiers, how to deal with abnormal situations and other similar topics. After it ended, Vale faced the heroes, his cheek still cramped due to his anxiety about the back and forth arguing of Judom and the minister. Anyway, although it was my first time seeing Judom up close, he was quite an outrageous person. Taishi Ahaha, did Taishi-sama also think so?

Its probably because he is the kings best friend, thats probably the reason he was able to have that kind of attitude Vale Certainly, Vale knew that he was that kind of rash character, that is why he was fearful of what would happen at the meeting.

Yes, in any case in this meeting , something will definitely change. Vale Since about a month ago the atmosphere in the castle has been tense, but right now something doesnt feel right.

Chika It was another of the heroes, Suzumiya Chika, who pouted while saying those words. As she said, there might be a war with the Evila if we do something imprudent at the conference. In that case it would be stranger if the atmosphere in the castle had not changed. Rather, Vale slowly realized that Chika noticed the problem in a calm manner. Chika-sama, in two weeks, I believe your power will be greatly needed by the King.

To get where you are, you have overcome many battles and quests, and Im certain you have become stronger as a result. If we are betrayed, then please protect our King with your strength.

Vale In response to Vales earnest plea for her assistance, Chika stared blankly back at him, but then smiled after a while and answered his words with a nod. And then, a person whispered to Taishi in a manner unnoticed by Vale. Ne, nee, if Vales saying that, was he not informed? Chika It doesnt look like it. Although the king didnt say who he did or didnt tell, since he wasnt informed, I dont think we should say anything.

Taishi Is that so?

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Then, this one is off-the-record, alright Shuri? Chika II understand. Shuri Suddenly perplexed by her words, Minamoto Shuri, who is one of the heroes, replied while watching Shinobu.

Although right now Vale was talking with Shinobu, Shuri was relieved because Shinobu is not someone who indiscreetly discloses information. However, I will never approve of the Evila. Taishi Yeah, well definitely win, right Taishi, Shuri? Chika Ou! Taishi The three people all looked at the determined expressions of the others. Chapter - Prelude to the Conference Me Around that time, in the oval office, King Rudolf and his minister Dennis were facing one another.

Because of the tension in the air, both of them had stiff, nervous expressions on their faces. The first one to open his mouth was Dennis.

If things proceed smoothly, that would be just great, but Dennis Yes, and for that we have raised the Heroes for the past half year. Rudolf As a Trump Card is it?

Dennis Rudolf shakes his head lightly. No, the fact that we have summoned Heroes is common knowledge on the Evila side. Theyll definitely be vigilant. Thats why we can use the existence known as the heroes to distract them.

Rudolf Thats true. Its probable that the Evila wont be able to take large action in that case. What do you plan to do about that man?

Dennis you mean Judom? Rudolf Of course. Dennis Rudolf gave a quiet grunt of complaint, before letting out a laugh. That man says Im too soft, but hes worse than I am. That will become very clear in the meeting one week from now. Rudolf But that man is the former strongest adventurer of the Humas. Its not just his skills, Ive also heard he has a sharp head on his shoulders. Are you certain he isnt plotting anything? Dennis Dennis didnt think too highly of Judom, but he couldnt disregard the achievements and titles that man left behind, as well as his personal ability.

As the kings minister, he had to look past his own grudges. He still believes in me, but the Evila will definitely make a move. At that moment, he will realize that I was the one in the right. Rudolf In two weeks, well enter the next era of history.

Dennis Yes, and though it may seem that the Heroes are our Trump Card, our true power lies in Rudolf He began to whisper when Click clack click clack Both men turned to the footsteps approaching them from behind. There, a certain individual was standing. Neither man was particularly surprised, as they knew the person standing before them. Whats more, that person was permitted to enter this area. Seeing him, Rudolf spoke. Our true Trump Card right here.

Rudolf He began chuckling to himself. A few days later, a certain youngster craned his head to better see the scene transpiring in front of his eyes. Those are the Heroes, dood Where are they going at a time like this dood? He had large, circular glasses and long blue hair that hung downwards, as if to mask his own face. His looks gave off a somewhat friendly atmosphere, and he was the painter who Aoyama Taishi and the other heroes became acquainted with atVictoriass birth festival, Nazaar Skride.

Early in the morning, he approached the Castle, sketchbook in hand, and began sketching the magnificent building. But art, in itself, was not his true objective. Without arousing suspicion, he was observing the castle. Soon, the Humas and Evila would hold a meeting. It was highly likely that someone would use that as an opportunity to interfere with one side. Even if that wasnt the case, someone may try to worm their influence into the meeting.

Konjiki no Word Master (Light Novel)

Obtaining information of such schemes was the job handed down to him. And right now, people who never left the castle early were nimbly making their way out of the castle gate, so as not to arouse any attention.

Though he was surprised that it was the Heroes, Nazaar confirmed that they were plotting something. I did think that King Rudolf was planning something, but theres still ten days to the meeting, dood. What are they doingdood? When the Heroes exited, he quietly hid in the shadows and watched them closely.

It appears that all four Heroes were headed outside of the city. There must be some hand at work here, dood. Thinking that, Nazaar started scribbling something in his book. He quickly drew a picture of a small bird. But the bird, which was supposed to be but a picture on paper, suddenly gained a third dimension, and began making its way towards the sky before descending onto Nazaars shoulder.

Please report this matter to Kiri-chan as quickly as possible, dood. Nazaar Chichichi! TL: Chirping SFX The bird continuously raised its voice to indicate its understanding, before setting off into the sky once more. The movements in the castle are bothering me, but here, I should prioritize the Heroes. Thinking that, he turned towards the direction Taishis group had set out in. He was determined to figure out just what they were planning.

Its an emergency, my liege! Kiria Seeing the expression of her close friend who had suddenly barged into her room, Demon King Eveam unintentionally scowled as she responded.

Whats gotten you in such a panic, Kiria? Eveam She took a deep breath, and spoke after lowering her head. I apologize for my own lack of conduct in barging into your room without permission. But there is something that I feel must reach your majestys ears as soon as possible Kiria She asks with a serious expression. The truth is Kiria Kiria looked around the area, and whispered all the information in her possession into Eveams ear.

And gradually, Eveams face grew more and more grim. But your majesty, there is plenty reason for their wariness, correct? Eveam Right. Theres what happened last time. Its best we be vigilant as well.

But they ended up moving their Heroes after all. Their aim is likely Eveam Yes. Kiria The destruction of our border. Eveam Meaning the destruction of the bridge right? Kiria Yeah, now that the Gabranth bridge has ceased to exist, that is the only line uniting us with the rest of the world.

Eveam If, during the meeting, we were propose something that displeases the Humas, then perhaps theyll threaten to drop the bridge into oblivion. Kiria The Humas Trump Card. If the natural enemy of the Evila race, the Four Heroes, are stationed at the bridge site, then theres no mistake.

Eveam In actuality, Eveam had foreseen that the Humas would do something like that. If the conference with the Evila didnt result in a beneficial agreement, then they would break the bridge, preventing any alliance in the future. Then, they would use the brunt of their forces to wipe out the Evila in attendance. That was how Eveam foresaw the Humas would act. But even if only a select few are taking part in the conference, we still have Eveam-sama at the lead, as well as the Cruels Number One and Number Two.

I will also stay close. If the other side begins a war of annihilation, were not so weak as to get killed off so easily. Kiria Right, even if they had restrictions on the number of people they could bring, they were still bringing the strongest bodyguards the Evila race had to offer.

Its unthinkable that they would lose if a fight broke out. No matter how elite the force brought from Victorias is, if those Heroes arent there, then it shouldnt be too much of a problem. Kiria Kirias words were on the mark. No matter how much pride Victorias placed in its army, they were a bit lacking when compared to the top Evila. But sending the Heroes to the bridge means they have a scheme in which they dont need them, correct?

Eveam I wonder. Its quite a distance fromVictorias. Eveam I believe that in the past, the Humas messiah, who saved them from calamity, was buried in the soil of that land.

In praise of their Hero, they named it a Sacred Land. Kiria Thats right. There, perhaps due to that Heros continued influence, a magic sealing power covers the land. The power is especially concentrated in the Holy Room where the meeting will be held, and apparently, it is impossible to release any magic power there. Eveam The reason they chose that spot was in order to cut off our power, just in case.

Kiria Most likely. They also said that they wouldnt permit the bringing of any item that invited violence, like weapons. Everyone present must be completely unarmed. Eveam If its there, then slaughtering all of us would it be possible? Kiria A little uneasy, Kiria asked a question. Its possible. If one among us has hostile intent, and the Humas sense it, they may kill us all.

Eveam Silence continues for a while.

The one who broke it was Kiria. Are you sure it wouldnt be for the best if you were to put the conference on hold? Kiria No matter how you look at it, the Evila side was at a complete disadvantage here. Even if their physical abilities were higher than those of the Humas, when the ability to use magic is cut off, its possible to overwhelm them with numbers. As this side could only bring limited numbers, the area was like a stronghold for the human side.

If they simply attacked with all of their forces at once, it was uncertain whether or not they would be able to protect Eveam. But Kirias words, which were directed out of concern for her master, were rejected by a shake of Eveams head.

Its fine. I never thought it would go smoothly from the beginning. I mean, were all bound by chains from the past. Its like a curse, and here we are, trying to break it. Its evident that reaching a satisfying conclusion will be difficult, and I understand that. Eveam My liege Kiria Even so, I decided. In order to achieve peace, we need to form this alliance.

Eveam Kiria And even the Humas shouldnt be completely unreasonable. No one wishes for more blood to be shed. But we simply arent shallow enough to trust each other so easily. Were all just scared. Thats why its natural that we all prepare various cards in our hands. Eveam Eveam believed that the Humas wished for a peaceful resolution. But in the end, they were simply unable to place all their trust in the Evila. Until the alliance came into effect, no, even for a long, long time after that, it would be hard for both sides to come to trust each other.

Thats just how large the darkness of this world was. Thats why its natural that they had to consider the possibility the discussion would fail.

And when it did, its natural that they would prepare something to give themselves the upper hand for battles to come. And thats why, in order to garner the most trust possible, well go forth without any resistance. We want to form an alliance. Thats all we must convey. If we do, then theyll surely understand. Itll work out fine. Well make it work out! Eveam Kiria gives a light smile upon seeing Eveam quietly release words filled with such resolve.

As expected of my liege. Then I too, with my heart and soul, Ill wager my everything to raise the flags of peace. Kiria She spoke as the lowered herself to one knee, and assumed the pose of a trusted vassal.

Yeah, Im counting on you, Kiria. The simple fact that you, the one I trust more than anyone, is by my side, is enough to give me hope. Lets work together to grasp for peace! He was currently dismayed by the scene that lay before him. They had arrived at the bridge connecting Humas and Evila. In other words, the continental border, and presently on the bridge stood a demon deployed by the Evila tasked with safeguarding the bridge from the Humas. The deployed Evila, Iraora, was a former member of Cruel.

Therefore, the Humas should have known of his extraordinary strength and that of the other people stationed there. It was because of this that the bridge hadnt been destroyed yet.

However, Nazaar was most surprised when the heroes began to cross the bridge without hesitation, with the Conference drawing near, Nazaar was dumbfounded by their reckless actions which might call out such violence. Curious, Nazaar let a bird drawn from his sketchbook fly near the heroes to examine the situation.

He used the bird as his eyes and ears for short-range surveillance and information gathering. Naturally, the heroes were unaware of this fact.

As the heroes continued across the bridge, they gradually approached Iraora, who stood at the center of the bridge. And Nazaar was shocked by the words that the heroes proceeded to say in his presence. Are you Iraora? Taishi I see, so you are one of their accomplices then? Taishi What did he just say? Nazaar ruminated those words several times in his head. Nazaar Nazaar became more perplexed as he was unable to understand the meaning of the shocking words that came from Iraora.

Those guys are already inside. Hey, guide them. Iraora After Iraora issued the command to one of his subordinates, that person urged the heroes to follow him. Iraora let the heroes pass through as he has given them consent to cross over the bridge and across the Evila border. In other words, Iraora let them set foot on the Evila continent. Those guys.? Nazaar Before he realized it, Nazaar was sweating profusely. He felt thirsty as he groaned in anxiousness.

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapters

The situation had pushed him his wits end. Why did Iraora let the heroes pass? Nazaar Though confused, he nevertheless drew a picture in his sketchbook. Nazaar Suddenly, his neck was seized from behind. Nazaar Nazaar had not sensed anything. Certainly, he might not have been able to think calmly due to the situation at hand, but even so he was confident that he was not so weak as to be defeated by just anyone. Teckils abilities were specialized for covert operations which required that he erase his presence, using this ability, he should have been able to sense his enemy before being assaulted.

However, Teckil had not been able to detect the attacks approach and was now caught by an unknown assailant. He was now experiencing his worst nightmare. Nazaar Somehow he managed to squeeze out a few words. As he turned around to look at his assailant, he heard a muffled voice. Your role ends here. Now sleepTeckil??? Gasping for air, he was shocked by these words. While pretending to be tough by forcing a smile, he quietly moved his hands.

All of a sudden, a sword rushed out from his textbook, impaling the head of the person behind him. He used this chance to slip out of its hold, then he scrutinized his opponent. Fuu, Unpreparedness is ones greatest enemy. Since the robed opponent had covered its face with a hood, he decided to remove it first. Although the opponent was completely silent, blood continued to flow from its head.The meeting was, as expected to discuss the conference.

Kiria The Humas Trump Card. Liliyn Liliyn directed a grin at him, so his face warped in discomfort. Itll work out fine. Shublarz Shublarz spoke while frowning as if she was troubled.